Saturday, 25 October 2014

AR Murgadoss- The Director who delivers commercial blockbusters along with delivering social messages aptly..

AR Murgadoss the very popular and successful film director in Kollywood and Bollywood is the topic of discussion in this post.

This director has tasted success in all his films and he knows how to package a film with the perfect mix of romance, drama, action & comedy. This perfect mix results  in a very entertaining and fun filled experience for the movie goers. And the songs shown in his films would be picturised and choreographed in such a way such that it would cater to the fans of the actors who act in his films.

But more importantly AR Murgadoss conveys a social message or  he educates the audiences by introducing them to a social issue or scientific concept in a very easy and understandable manner so that audiences get to gain further knowledge about these issues after seeing his films.

In his film 'Ramana'  he beautifully potrayed how a very upright professor  in a college goes against the corrupt educational system. Through this certain loop holes of the Indian educational system were exposed and taking this as the main plot of the film he was able to deliver a commercially successful film.  One of the finer scenes from this film was its climax. Here is a glimpse of that.

In 'Thupakki'( Remade as 'Holiday- A Soldier is Never Off  Duty in Hindi) , he depicted   how  sleeper cells function in Mumbai and how a soldier   returning  on a holiday tracks down the terrorists involved in inflicting crimes in and around Mumbai City, forms the plot of the film and  he has laced this film with romance, action & comedy and he has delivered a commercially successful film.

Through his films 'Ghajini'(which was remade in Hindi as 'Ghajini') and '7 Aum Arivu' , Murgadoss  conveys rather aptly two scientific concepts such as 'Short Term Memory Loss' and 'DNA regeneration'  and used them as the main plot for his films. Here is a glimpse of  scenes from both the versions of  Ghajini.

For many people who saw these films, these concepts would have been new and interesting. Importantly, we as audiences got some knowledge about these scientific concepts. Through '7 Aum Arivu' most of the audiences got to know how a Tamilian from Kanchipuram, Bodhi Dharman  went to China in the 16th Century and taught them the art of martial arts, hypnotism and also taught them medicinal art. He is revered and respected in China till date where a temple in China called Shaolin Temple has idols of Bodhi Dharman and Chinese people worship him even today.

A very impactful scene , well potrayed by Suriya for sure.. The point that Tamilians across the world must not take what is happening to them lying down but instead they should fight back in whatever way possible. It is among my favorite scenes in recent times.. has the real impact!

But how many Tamilians or how many Indians knew about Bodhi Dharman before this film? Its very sad that we didn't know much about his immense talent and skills but thanks to that film he has  enlightened us about a person gone  completely unnoticed in Indian or Tamilian  History.

And finally, from his latest Diwali release 'Katthi' , AR Murgadoss  has depicted the rather grave issue of mass farmer suicides seen across the length and breadth of India. He has shown how livelihoods of  farmers has been taken away by large MNC corporations who use these small towns and villages as locations for their factories&  take away the only  source of income for the farmers.

Here is one very well directed action scene from this movie.

Farmers face no other option but to work as drainage cleaners or construction workers as a result of this and that even is not enough to feed their family as they are completely in debt and left with no option , these farmers commit suicide. Also, the shocking truth of news channels not providing coverage  to  this rather grave issue because it is not sensational enough has been shown in this film.

To sum up, AR Murgadoss through his films presents very important and relevant social issues in a well packaged manner through his films which makes it an entertaining& knowledgeable experience for the audiences.

Making commercial movies which can aptly portray an important social message is a challenging affair for a director. But Murgadoss so far has been able to combine both with ease which is appeasing to the classes & masses alike. As the people who like the action scenes or the massy portions in movies will get that in plenty along with an important social issue which forms the core of the movie's plot which is a very good aspect of his filmmaking.

Hers's hoping that his upcoming movies get better & he is able to maintain the track record of mixing classy & massy scenes in his movies to appease both kinds of audiences effortlessly.


  1. Well written, Raghav. I have seen and enjoyed these movies but did not observe what you have. I agree with you. Write more!

    1. Thank you for the appreciation!! Yes being an ardent film watcher, I do analyse films in detail and not just from an entertainment perspective.

      This post and the post on Vikram was an example of that fact.

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    1. Yes I will definitely write more and write about different and diverse topics.

      Glad that many people are reading my blog. That keeps me motivated to write more often!! Thanks for the praise!!