Thursday, 16 October 2014

Chiyaan Vikram- The Ultimate Hardworker

Hey Guys,

I am back with a new post after a long time. Its good to be back again.!!

I was thinking about what topic I wanted to write about and it struck my mind that in a few weeks from now director Shankar's magnum opus I  is going to hit screens.So I thought being an ardent film buff, why not write about the lead protagonist of this film "Chiyaan"  Vikram.

This actor's story is one which every one needs to know about. As he has gone through immense hardships and struggles to get where he is now. He did'not  have any godfathers in the Tamil Film Industry  to propel or kick-start his career but  still he has achieved a lot through his own grit, dedication,  & hard work.

Vikram  had an almost  life ending knee accident in the early 1990's post which it would have been easy for any aspiring actor to give up and try some thing else, or give up the thought of acting for good,  but NO. Vikram had the inner drive and immense determination to succeed as an actor.

After working as an Assistant Director for a while, and having done voice dubbing for actors like Abbas in many films, and having tasted failures in many of his earlier films, he finally got his big breakthrough with "Sethu". ( which was remade into many other languages).

Vikram as an actor immerses himself so much into his character that he starts living & breathing his character in his personal life too. For 'Sethu'   for the second half of the film, to bring complete conviction to look like a mentally ill patient he stopped communicating with his family and friends for six months and he had a diet of one glass orange juice, one boiled egg and one burnt chapatti for the course of six months.

A fine performance which showcased Vikram's  amazing acting talent seen in the second half  of  the  film Sethu. Here is one small peek into that.  The way Vikram has emoted through his eyes & body language is something really laudable.

Who would go through such personal and physical turmoil just for a film? But that's Vikram for you!! We need to credit him for that as that film ws a path-breaking film in his filmy career and he has not looked back since.

The personal traits he shows are something we can learn a lot from. The never give up attitude, believing in oneself, having immense grit and determination to  get to your goal is what we can learn from this actor.

For most of his films such as Raavanan, Deiva Thiumugal, David, Pithamagan and even commercial films like Gemini, Dhil ,Dhool, Bheema etc Vikram gets into the skin of the character completely and tries to make it as convincing as possible.

Speaking of getting into the skin of the character, here is a fine example of that. In the climax of  Deiva Thirumugal just observe for Vikrams  acting and especially the way he communicates with his daughter through gestures . I am sure this will leave you weak in your knees. It is a really heart-wrenching scene.

Many of his films, people get the impression that the hard work he put in for the role was not required but at least he had the guts to bring that much conviction into his role which many actors don't have the guts to do.

You may or may not be his fan( personally, I am a die-hard Suriya fan) , you may or may not like his films but just for the hard work and dedication  Chiyaan Vikram puts in order to entertain his fans and the film going audiences,  I salute his personality and I have immense respect for Vikam.

And speaking of  I , Vikram is back with the director who directed him for Anniyan. That personally, is my favorite Vikram film till date and going by the teaser and songs of the film, I am definitely sure this film will surpass Anniyan in terms of  performances and grandeur.

I am eagerly looking forward to this film for sure!! And having gone in with tremendous expectations to see  I,  there was a feeling of complete disappointment, sadness & most importantly shock that the same combination which gave us Vikram's  most complete film 'Anniyan'  gave us this film.

But credit must be given where it counts. Vikram transformed himself  completely  for this role of a model who looses what matters most to him, his looks. He lost oodles of weight & used prosthetic makeup for over 5 hours daily in order to look like the hunchback  who has lost everything &  who is on the prowl to take revenge on the people who caused such trauma to him. 

And looking forward, Vikram's next film an action thriller starring the popular heroine Samantha along with Pasupathy , gives the audience in general a hope that the phase of immersing himself so much into one film will end for Vikram & he can release more films which have variety in terms of story & performances.  

Looking at the trailer of this upcoming movie which releases on the Dussehera Weekend, I get the feeling that the film will be high on action & stunts laced with some romance & light moments. I am hoping, I will be entertained by watching this movie & not feel as disappointed  as I was after watching  I.


  1. You have made me interested in the movie if for nothing else to see the hard work put by Vikram. I rarely watch movies, even more rate in a language I don't completely understand. However, you have piqued my interest and I will try catch this one.

  2. Well written raghav ..interesting to read about Vikram as always being his fan..for I ,it ws his own choice to become around 40 to 50 kgs though d script dint demand it..hats off to his dedication n hard work not just for I but even his previous works