Thursday, 13 November 2014

ANEGAN- The KV Anand & Harris Jayaraj combination are back!!

It is always  known  that the film director and the music director working in a film need to be completely  in sync with each other's  views and vision. Only then a fine final product would be presented to the audiences. It brings out the best from both of them.

One such combination in Kollywood  has  been Film Director KV Anand and Music Director Harris Jayaraj's combination.  They came together with 'Ayan'  and their partnership has extended pretty successfully with 'Ko' & 'Maattran'.  All the songs in these albums have been appreciated and loved by Tamil film music lovers.

With these previous films, KV Anand has brought out some fine tunes from Harris Jayaraj, KV Anand,  like AR  Murgadoss has the knack of  picturising the songs very  beautifully & the song placement is mostly apt in each of their films. This  comes from the fact that he was a cinematographer before becoming a film director, So he would definitely know the importance of  picturing songs beautifully which would provide a visual treat for the audiences.

KV Anand gives complete importance to songs in his films and the placement of songs in his films are very apt. And the unique characteristic  of  his collaboration with Harris so far has been to depict  a romantic song in times of pain or separation the protagonists face in the film. The songs 'Nenje Nenje'  from 'Ayan',  'Venpaniye'  from 'Ko'  &  'Yaaro Yaaro'  from 'Maattran'  hold testament to that fact.

Coming to 'Anegan',  the latest film  in their collaboration together ,  the songs  live up to the expectations maintained  in their previous films. This album like their previous films  is also laced with chart-busters such as  the Kuthu  number ' Danga Maari Odhaari' , which is sure to be a hit among  the masses  to the chilled out reggae style number ' YOLO( You Only Live Once)',   &  the fast paced 'Roja Kadale'  which is laced  beautifully with the  use of tablas in the background adding a new dimension to the  simple tune.

 And this album also   has  beautiful  melodies which we got to hear in 'Ayan', 'Ko' & 'Maattran'  in the  form of songs like 'Deivangal Ingae'  & 'Aathadi  Aathadi'  which would captivate the listeners with the simple yet effective  instrumentation and the singing.  And not to forget there is the song ' Thodu Vaanam'  which depicts the separation of  lovers beautifully with the singing and chorus heard throughout the song.

On a whole, ' Anegan'   has a good   mix of fast paced numbers which would become instant chart-busters and also has three distinctive romantic melodies which would  cater to music lovers who like to listen to melodious songs.

And I am sure, with 'Anegan' ,  the album would gain popularity and that would help the film's success. With Actor Dhanush teaming up with KV Anand for this film,  there is definitely lot of expectations on this film as KV Anand is known to  package romance, action &  comedy using a social theme or concept at the backdrop of his film's plot,  and with a fine actor like Dhanush acting in this film, it would definitely  be a wholesome entertaining  film for sure.

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