Friday, 1 May 2015

THALA AJITH KUMAR- A man so simple and humble , yet so uber cool & stylish....

An actor who has come up the ladder of stardom without any godfathers in the film industry, Ajith Kumar has got a tremendous fan base & audience appeal across various age groups in Tamil Nadu & even in other south Indian states as well. He has acted in 55 films till date, & while he has tasted success & failure along his film journey, he continues to be an idol for so many tamil film buffs across the world.

For me having seen his outstanding performances in Vaalee, Aasai, Kandukondein Kandukondein, Varalaru & now recently Yennai Arindhaal, one thing is certain, Ajith is loved by his fans for his style & punch dialogues but he is capable of providing path breaking performances as well.

He  is one actor in my opinion who can carry any film just by his sheer screen presence and style. Personally, for me his performances in Mankatha & Billa showcased how his screen presence can elevate a film to unimaginable heights.

And he has been criticised for his lousy dance moves, but through his raw screen presence , & style he minimizes this weakness & makes his song videos a very enjoyable experience. For example, have a look at a few song videos below which showcase the style of Thala Ajith Kumar at it's best:

Just the walk, and style he carries with the suits & the sunglasses & also smoking the  cigar, is enough for fans to go crazy in  the theatres.  There is no requirement for every actor to have great dancing skills but Ajith Kumar knows that, & despite that he gives his fans something new like the flexing of his muscles as  a style statement in the title track of Mankatha   to lifting of the collar & dancing in a very local , rough & massy manner in songs like Aadharu Aadharu from Yennai Arindhaal,  he gives what his fans expect from him. And it makes for great viewing experience in theatres without a  doubt.

You guys will understand what I mean more clearly if you have a look at the two song videos I mentioned about above:

Not only song videos, but Ajith is known for his massy films where he shows his daredevil action skills & delivers punch dialogues which have a lasting impact on the audience. Being an avid racer himself , Thala Ajith does his stunts himself &  the emphasis given to action in his films are pretty evident in his many films such as Billa, Mankatha, Billa 2, Yennai Arindhaal, Aarambam & many more.

And he made a bold decision to go for the salt n peppered look for his film Mankatha & boy did that move work wonders for him!! As post that move, many people especially his fans call him India's  George Clooney, which in itself is a pretty big compliment!

You may or may not like his films but some of the punch dialogues and action scenes seen in his movies are seen to be believed. As it does'not just impress his fans but even just ordinary film goers can enjoy them as much. Here are few glimpses of  Thala Ajith's  finesse in delivering punch dialogues with tremendous impact :

And finally, for me personally after Superstar Rajnikanth,  there's no other actor currently in the Tamil Film Industry whose introduction scene can so impactful & which give the audiences an Adrenalin rush. It is that good in almost all films. Among my favourite Ajith Intro scenes are the ones in Aarambam & in Mankatha. Here are the introductory scenes from the two films mentioned. Definitely among my favourite Ajith intro scenes as it had such great impact especially watching them in theatres:

 I would just say that I have great respect & admiration for Ajith or Thala as he is fondly called. He is the one actor who is so simple & outright honest , who asked to remove the title Ultimate Star which was given to him earlier. He believes in letting his work to do the talking and he does'not  like the fact that titles are being kept for him. And he donates a large proportion of his income to a cancer treatment hospital which he runs.

My respect grow even more for him when he decided to act in Yennai Arindhaal , Gautham Menon's latest directorial venture. As before that Gautham Menon had tasted a failure through Neethane En Ponvasnatham , & Thala Ajith not only agreed to do Yennai Arindhaal but he allowed Gautham Menon to execute his plans perfectly without allowing the massy image of Ajith to seep into the story line of the film. As even the massy action scenes have the stamp of Gautham Menon in them and not an out & out Thala Ajith mass scene.

Having noticed the trend where lots of youngsters admire him and follow what he does on screen, it's even more important that Ajith Kumar chooses the right scripts which don't misguide the youngsters in any way. He should strike a balance between pleasing the galleries and making sure his movies set the right example.

Over the past decade or so with the stupendous success of Billa, Thala Ajith has stopped doing movies which has a strong social message. Which is sad as the same actor used to push himself  to do meaningful movies which are entertaining yet carry a strong social message through them. I personally loved his movies Citizen, Villan and even Ji.

One major reason for this recent trend in his choice of movies( which seems to be repetitive in nature) is the fact that movies with strong social message or which had some thing useful for the audience to take away like have flopped or done average business at the Box Office. Classic examples of these would be Ji, Aanjaneya, Kireedom, Aalvar or even the recent Yennai Arindhaal.

A mix of shoddy direction and a weak screenplay affected the outcome of those movies forcing our Thala to do movies like Vedhalam and Veeram which were fun to watch but frankly he is very much capable of doing better than those kind of masala, commercial movies. I miss the Ajith we all saw in Aasai, Varalaru, Kandukondein Kandukondein, Vaalee etc... the performer/actor Ajith Kumar.

Hope to see such kind of movies from him in the future. That would be ultimate!!

My sincere request to him as an ardent movie buff and one who over the years has slowly started to like his movies and become his fan would be do to meaningful movies which would have ample scope for him to show his acting skills and probably provide a social message as well. As I know he is capable of much more than just the normal masala/commercial  movies.

This blog post is dedicated to all the Thala Ajith fans out there. It's a small tribute of sorts to Ajith on his birthday from my side. For those who don't follow Tamil films much the videos in this blog post would generate some interest in Ajith's films & for those who don't like Ajith's films that much, this post could probably change that notion a bit!!

I am going to end this special blog post dedicated blog post by presenting to  you all  with a message about Thala Ajith Kumar from the person because of which I am an  Ajith Kumar fan- my cousin Badrinathan Sathiyamurthy who I fondly call 'Thala'. Having seen his admiration for Ajith's humility and acting it made me re-visit some of his old movies and once Mankatha released in 2010, I became a fan post that.

Here his short yet impactful message on Thala Ajith from Badrinathan,  all Ajith Kumar fans this one's for you:

Can Can..

There are many dynamic  personalities in Tamil Cinema but this personality's is carried not only in his acting but also through his humility and simplicity.

Thousands or Lakhs of youngsters are inspired by him..

A person who has seen hundreds  of successes and thousands of failures..

I am also a big fan of his guts and the speech which he gave in front of the then CM Kalaignar Karunanidhi is a classic example of that:

Whenever we see the title AJITH KUMAR in the big screen, we feel like we are re-born and that goosebumps moment which we get can never be experienced while seeing other actors on screen!

A man of confidence, integrity, passion, hard-work and humility - that's Thala Ajith Kumar for you!!!

Someone who has faced lot of criticism for his latest movie 'Vivegam' and the fact that he is teaming up with same team again for a movie titled 'Viswasam' where Ajith is supposed to play a gangster from North Chennai is not helping his cause for the time-being.

Like he has done in the past, the only way to shut his critics is to deliver a entertaining movie and hopefully 'Viswasam' will change the trend of him doing movies in his comfort zone which requires only physical transformations and no scope for much acting.


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