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Musical Round up of Bollywood and Kollywood Movies

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Every movie released will be either be remembered for the performances of their lead actors or the direction. But generally, even for movies that don't do well at the BO and for those that do, it's the music from that movie that lingers in the hearts and minds of audiences much longer than the actual movie in itself.

Music plays an important role in garnering interest for a particular movie, to making people watch a specific movie just to see how a particular song has been picturized. This trend holds good for the Indian film industry for sure. The musical album draws in a huge section of audiences to the theatres, so it becomes almost imperative for the songs to be liked, enjoyed and appreciated by the audiences.

Since I follow Bollywood and Kollywood movies and also listen to the latest songs coming out of those industries, I decided to present a music round-up of such songs which have released in recent times and has managed to stay in my mind.

Songs in this list can be easily relatable for people who follow Hindi and Tamil film music. For those who don't actively follow the latest songs, hopefully this list can generate some interest in you to go and listen to them and probably add them to your personal playlists.

So without further delay here's presenting the list of songs, in no specific order:

Dil Diyaan Gallan from 'Tiger Zinda Hai'

This soulful melody is right up there in the list of songs in recent times that has stayed in my playlist for sometime. Beautiful tune with a sufi infusion, makes for a nice, pleasant hear.

For those who enjoy and appreciate Atif Aslam's voice like I do, then this song is a must hear. His controlled, melodious  singing coupled with amazing high pitch singing makes you want to re-visit this melody may times.

He has proven his versatility in songs like ' Jeena Jeena' from 'Badlapur' and even in the chartbuster 'Tu Chahiye ' from 'Bhajrangi Bhaijaan'.  And full credits must be given to the director Ali Abbas Zafar for the picturisation of the video.

The visuals showcasing Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in beautiful, serene locations in Poland adds to the beauty and longevity of the song.  So for all those people who like to listen to a nice melody which will be pleasing to hear, then definitely you must listen to this song.

Also, the unplugged version is also worth listening to but I personally prefer the original version sung by Atif Aslam.

'Naana Thaana' from 'Thaana Serndha Kootam'

The combination of music director Anirudh and Suriya works fabulously in this melody. As it is with most songs composed by Anirudh, when you hear them for the first few times, it wouldn't catch your attention.  But the more hearings you give to his songs, the more you will enjoy it.

The video enhances the quality of this song sung by Anirudh himself. Set in the 1980's, Suriya's natural, charismatic charm and the cuteness of Keerthy Suresh makes for superb viewing.

Pay close attention to the high pitched rendering of the word 'Adiye' through the song along with the fabulous violin interludes in the song. With catchy, simple lyrics this song is a must hear for all fans of Tamil music in general and surely for fans of music director Anirudh and the movie's lead stars Suriya and Keerthy Suresh.

Although another song from this movie 'Sodakku' is the  most popular from the album is trending online, my personal favorite and the song which will last in my memory is 'Naana Thaana' over
'Sodakku' but nevertheless I will leave to the readers to decide which song they like more!  For those music buffs who prefer beats and fast moving songs then I am sure you would love 'Sodakku'.

'Yaad Hai' from 'Aiyaary'.

Ankit Tiwari has a distinct voice which sets him apart from the likes of Arijit Singh. He rose to fame after the superbly rendered 'Sun Raha Hai' from 'Aashiqui 2' and 'Tu Hai Ki Nahi' from 'Roy'.

What I liked most about those two songs was the breath control he possesses in high pitch and the feel with which he sings. It's become a trademark, something which makes listeners like us appreciate his voice along with Arijit Singh and the other singers.

'Yaad  Hai' is a slightly more simple, toned down composition compared to some of Ankit Tiwari's previous compositions but still  which would give listeners a kind of deja-vu feeling as it does sound similar to his previous songs especially when he sings in high-pitch.

Still, I liked it as I am someone who enjoys melodies much more than fast, peppy numbers generally. So this song works in that regard. It's a nice, simple song and has lyrics which are pretty good as well.  For the romantics out there, this one would surely work for you.

'Idhayane'  from 'Vellaikaran'

The combination of Sivakarthikeyan and Anirudh  has given Tamil music buffs lot of foot tapping numbers as well as soothing, long-lasting melodies. Some of my favorites in their combination would have to be the entire album of 'Ethir Neechal' and some songs from the movie Remo like ' 'Sirikadhey' and 'Senjithaley'. 

Their combination is sure to make the music album a chartbuster. And the same thing happened with their most recent collaboration ' Vellaikaran'.  The album on a whole works well especially some songs whose song placement makes it even more impactful.

To pin-point one song which I liked the most is a bit tough, but my favorite song from this movie is 'Idhayane'. Vocals from Neeti Mohan and Anirudh, shot in some exotic locations, it's a must hear. The tune and singing grows on the listeners and in my opinion it's among the better tunes composed by Anirudh but hasn't got it's complete due.

Probably due to the album having other chartbusters like 'Iraiva', ' Karuthavallam Gallejam' this song went under appreciated. A very good song, another one of Anirudh's songs which I listen to quiet often in recent times. 

For those unfamiliar with Anirudh's music or this album in particular, then I would recommend  you to give 'Ethir Neechal' and 'Velaikaran' a good listening and I am sure you guys would enjoy and appreciate the songs.

'Swag Se Swagat' from 'Tiger Zinda Hai'.

This song is among those songs in recent times which is fast, peppy and immensely likeable. Although there are so many remixed songs which have become chartbusters in the year 2017, personally I don't like such songs. Barring 'Chalti Hai Kya 9-12' from 'Judwaa 2' which maintained the funkiness of the original tune, the other remixes actually ruined the original song.

Stepping away from the trend of remixing popular songs, Vishal & Shekhar come out with flying colors in this upbeat, stylish dance number. It has Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in full flow with regards to their dancing, not to forget this dance is extremely high on style, so for people not to fond of Salman Khan or 'Bhai's' antics on screen, they actually will enjoy the dance moves in this song.

With good singing by Vishal Dadlani and Neha Bhasin with rap portions by Raftaar, this is a chartbuster and it's a likable, addictive chartbuster. It conveys the message of peace and brotherhood which is the underlying theme of 'Tiger Zinda Hai'.

Overall, this foot-tapping number is sure to get almost everyone who listens hooked on to it!

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