Tuesday, 1 September 2015

SOCIAL VALUES- The need for them to be instilled in every indiviual

In modern times, the concept of ethics, following rules & regulations or being morally correct seems to have gone out of fashion or has become outdated. Just the society we live in and the way the administration mishandles all the power they have make almost everyone averse to rules & having to follow Social Values which not only define a particular individual and make them stand apart from the crowd but it also defines the society around us too.

Most of us are too busy in our daily struggles and personal problems or issues that we forget to imbibe  Social values in ourselves. We have reached a stage in our lives where no amount of inspirational videos or talks is going to change our mindset and attitude towards how we approach our lives and how we can possibly shape the behavior and attitude of the people around us.

But, these important Social Values can be instilled in young innocent children's minds as they are in a stage of their life where if they are taught positive things and are educated about inculcating social values in their day to day lives, then it would go a long way in shaping their attitude to various issues when they grow up & also they could probably influence adults around them in a positive manner going forward.

That is essentially what Jwalamukhi( www.jwalamukhi.org) intends to do. Through children of the age group of 9-14 years, they teach them in a very child conducive manner social & leadership skills so that they can grow up to be better human beings & positively change the society they live in.

In the last week at Jwalamukhi, on the occasion of  Friendships Day, the important theme of Social values was taken up in the context of friendship in order to drive home the message in a very clear and concise manner to the children.

The various social values which were introduced and taught to the children were Respecting everyone irrespective of their religion, Being kind to everyone despite he/she being rich or poor, Living in Harmony , Displaying tolerance to all people & finally being honest at all times and in all situations.

Each one of the social values mentioned above are very important and need to be instilled in the minds of these children. Most of the children are unaware or are too innocent to get  to know about the gravity and importance of these social values. So, in that perspective it becomes a bit easier to influence these children in the right manner.

To drive home these values in a very engaging manner, the instructor  Meena Jain introduced the concept of Friendship and told that despite everybody speaking different languages at home, having likes/ dislikes which maybe different from other children,  they all  should remain friends. She wanted to communicate to the children that in-spite of all the diversity they  see in their school and friends circle, it's important to respect that diversity & live together as one.

It was good to see the kids involving themselves in this activity and at the end of this it was promising to see that they were asked to make a change in their behavior from that day onward and the children made promises like they will not tease others if they are not from the same religion as them or if they speak a different language or if they eat something which they don't eat or like.

 It was good to see that and hopefully the children would follow what they promised through the start they got from this session.

To inculcate the important Social values mentioned earlier, the children were split up into five teams and where given one Social Value each and were asked to create a drama/skit lasting for 5 minutes from them.
 It was very nice to see children not only understand the concept given to them but also the fact that they were able to create an engaging drama/skit on the topic given to them which was presented in such a way that it kept the crowd watching engaged & the other teams were able to grasp the concept being presented in the form of a skit.

To summarize,  it is indeed commendable & praiseworthy to see that such important, critical issues such as inculcating social values in children has been taught to the Jwalamukhi children as these skills or lessons  are literally non-existent in schools across the country whereas the need is for schools to incorporate these skills and  lessons in their regular academic curriculum so that children will learn more important social values and skills which are as important as academics or I would say in modern times are even more important than academics.

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