Saturday, 14 March 2015

BADLAPUR- Badla or Revenge is a dish best served cold....

After a disappointing  show with  Agent Vinod , director Sriram Raghavan is back with his latest directorial venture "Badlapur"  starring Varun Dhawan, Nawazuddin  Siddiqui,  Huma Qureshi & Yami Gautam.  Well does Sriram  Raghavan deliver with this film,  let's  find out....

Here's  my  Analysis of the film:

Badlapur  is an outstanding and well executed criss-cross revenge saga which is surely going to be hard to dismiss.

The plot begins with a daylight bank robbery where the robberers  Jayant(Vinay Pathak)  &  Laiq( Nawazzudin)  who while trying to escape post completing the robbery pick on an unfortunate Mishti( Yami Gautam) and hold her captive & they use her car to flee from the cops. In her pursuit to save herself and her son Robin, Mishti tries to fight her captors and in the ensuing tension gets shot at and she and her son die.

Jayant escapes unharmed with the looted money whereas Laiq surrenders & unfailingly tries to convince the cops that his partner was the one who shot the two people & took the money. But the police don't pay any  heed to  him & hand him a 20 years jail term for his crime.

Then enters Raghu( Varun Dhawan)  who gets the completely unexpected shock of his life that, his family has been killed.  He finds out that  Laiq is the the reason his family life and personal life has been shattered. But he can not  execute his revenge straightaway as Laiq had got the twenty year jail term.

The writers of the film brilliantly introduce a metaphor Badlapur  as a town falling in between Mumbai  & Pune and thats where Raghu starts living post lost loosing his wife & kid.  Raghu is stuck in time post such a huge personal blow dealt  to him and he is precariously torn in between unreleased anger building up inside him & the never ending   hurt & grief he feels & portrays remarkably well  when he thinks of his wife & kid.

On the other hand Laiq is a street smart & cunning person who tries many times to escape the jail but fails every time. But life or to put it in a more strong manner, illness gives him a chance to get bail before his jail term ends. Laiq has cancer & has just about a year to live.

This is where Shobha( Divya Dutta) a human rights activist who helps jailers to rehabilitate post their jail term, comes to know of  Laiq's  deteriorating health condition decides to meet Raghu and convince him to forgive Laiq & give him bail on medical grounds so that Laiq can live the last few days of his life in peace & not locked up behind bars,

Raghu after giving the idea a long thought decides to forgive Laiq. But he has an inner motive for that act of forgiveness. Through Laiq he can get to his partner in crime Jayant and thus completing a revenge & ending his self controlled anger building up inside him

So the rest of the plot follows the path of how Raghu whose entire life is shattered,  cold bloodedly seeks revenge on the people responsible for the normalcy in his life to be completely disrupted.

The true highlight  of this film is the mesmerizing way in which Sriram Raghavan handles this revenge drama. His deft portrayal of the protagonist's   grief, anger & the undesired quest to seek revenge  is seen to be believed. Outstanding edge of the seat screenplay and the way in which he depicts \the human side of a criminal, which is not seen much in Bollywood films in the same genre also is brilliant to watch.

Varun Dhawan after acting in few popular movies earlier  delivers a path breaking performance which showcased his acting skills to the fore. The way he has emoted in the various stages of his personal life right from the phase where he is a happy contented father & husband right upto  the portions in the movie where he exacts revenge on the people who change the course of his life is sheer a masterstroke.  This performance will most definitely get him noticed.

Nawazuddin Sidduqui is a real genius of a performer who delivers a superb performance once again. The confrontation between the characters Raghu & Laiq is scintilating ( similar to the one seen in Ran Gopal Varma's  political revenge drama which had  Suriya & Sudeep acting in it). And the way in which Laiqs  love for Jhimli( Huma Quereshi )  is shown is also very good and the best part is these portions don't deviate from the main plot.

The cinematography & dialogues are really good and music & background score by Sachin-Jigar is pretty good. Jee Karda is my favorite song from the film.

On a whole, Badlapur is a riveting action- revenge drama which will surely impress all the cinema goers.  Among the better films coming from Bollywood, don't  miss out on this one guys!!


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