Saturday, 24 October 2015

A Day Out With My Favorite Comic Character- Rekindling childhood memories...

As a small kid growing up in the early 1990's , Cartoon Network was the most viewed channel for kids like me. There were so many comic shows which used to enthrall, engage & interest me so much so  that even now I wouldn't mind re-visiting those memories & recollecting them for you, the readers.
imageAmong my favorite comic shows was Tintin.  It still remains my favorite comic show of all time. Everything from the characters to the story behind each episode filled with humor, action & suspense makes it sooo good. If given a chance to spend a day with my favorite comic character, I would want to spend the day with Tintin & the rest of the characters of the show.

Tintin apparently happens to be the propeller for my reading habit too. As I was so much in awe of the cartoon coming on TV that I went to the book store  Landmark with my brother & father & grabbed all the copies of Tintin I could find in the store & dived straight into the world of Tintin & the various adventures he was part of. 

 He along with Captain Haddock & Professor Calculus make for an outstanding read so much so that I finished the complete Tintin collection in a span of two months!!

If I were to spend a day with the characters of  Tintin in the modern times, I would like to see how he handles the crime filled which is infested in every aspect of the society nowadays.  I would want him to take this as an adventure & he along with  his other friends solve these crimes & reduce them. 

It would definitely be interesting to see how Tintin handles crimes or evils existing in the society such as killings happening in the name of caste, creed & religion.

I would want Professor Calculus to teach students in a school/college  in his inimitable , clueless, unique  & dazed style about Physics or some similar related topic. For all of you who have enjoyed Professor Calculus & his characterization , I am sure this Professor would become a huge hit with the Students & Teachers  alike. 

And how can I leave out the smart, dashing, handsome & upright Captain Haddock! His trademark style with the cigar in his mouth & the cap on would make for a good leading actor don't you guys think? I personally would like to see a character like Captain Haddock being used as a hero in a sleek, urban action film. It would sure make for a fantastic, edge of the seat experience  to see someone like a Captain Haddock trash goons & the baddies ,  ending up romancing the heroine & winning her heart!!

Reminiscing  these fabulous childhood memories of  Tintin, I owe it big time to my brother as because of him I was introduced to this world, an amazing world! And it is rightly said that there is no age bar to enjoy watching or reading comics as it takes us out of our mundane, boring, stressful & ordinary lifestyle. And apart from being entertained, there is so much we the reader can take away from this iconic comic series.

And when my cousin sister Keerthi, was discussing about Tintin when we met up recently, it was a great feeling to see that the timeless magic of the comic series I idolized so much is still alive & is still popular among the youngsters now.  I had a great time chatting with her about the books & she also was very fond of the puppy Snowy who is Tintin's trusted ally.

Seeing the current trend among youngsters who are so much engrossed in technology & busy with there mobile phones, the publishers of Tintin must come up with a revised version of their iconic comic series so that youngsters nowadays can experience the world of Tintin & through that hopefully the habit of reading books, which surprisingly is a dying art in  modern times  will see a revival!

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