Thursday, 10 March 2016

Cricket should triumph over Politics and Political sentiment..

Over the past two years or so there has been countless terrorist attacks launched by Pakistan and shockingly and sadly they are been supported, protected and in some cases paraded and idolized the people behind these inhumane, horrific and sadists acts of terror.

Call them by whatever name you want such as the LET, ISIS so on.. but sadly for people and families affected as a result of the crimes they commit in the name of their God there may be no reprieve or closure as those terrorists are still free and nothing has happened to give them some solace from their unimaginable grief.

I am not going to talk about why they do what they do nor I am going to score a political point or pass a religious comment which may hurt people's sentiment. I am not qualified enough to talk about those things nor will it be correct & appropriate for a blogger like me to write about such things..

But what I am going to write about is the increasing amount of instances where as a result of the country  being labeled as 'land of terrorists' , we people especially the ones sitting in India can't enjoy cultural events, concerts, songs or cricket matches played between India and Pakistan any more.

There is a very thin line between politics, sentiment and let's say Cricket, Movies etc as far as it goes between  India and Pakistan. A very thin line indeed.

In my growing years like many others of my age the biggest cricket contest was between India and Pakistan. The tension, emotions, sentiment and adreleline rush seen in such contests cant be compared to other cricketing rivalries say even the Ashes or even the India vs. Australia contest.

There was an immense sense of happiness & joy associated with watching those games which cannot be replicated. That's why I was so thrilled to see the contest between the two nations in the recently concluded Asia Cup because  since the league stage game in the World Cup 2015, these two teams clashed in a nail biting encounter. It happened because it was played in a neutral venue.

Alas, with increasing counter-border terrorist attacks(the most recent one being in Pathankot) which killed Indian soldiers, any slim hope of a bi-lateral series between these two teams seems like it will be  ruled out indefinitely. It really pains me as normal people and politicians should put aside the hatred they have for the terrorists , which they rightly should  especially after the 26/11 attacks & if possible give a chance for cricketing ties to resume which I feel can heal a few wounds.

As Cricket binds both the nations and if there is hope of improving relations between the two nations this sport can prove to be the tonic to ignite some improvement in relations between the two nations. The point I am making is it is a very hard pill to digest to allow for an India vs Pakistan bi-lateral series to happen as you can say how can you play Cricket with those people?

Well, the players who play for Pakistan aren't terrorists are they? Just because of the terrorists attacks carried out on their soil ended their chance to play cricket in their own country wasn't bad enough the cricket crazy fans of Pakistan are completely deprived of watching a live game of cricket in the stadium, but instead they have to settle for watching the games at home in their TV screens..

Nothing can be done for these people. That's really bad as just because of these terrorists the country has been labeled in a really bad manner, the common man on the street is been robbed of this enjoyment & happiness. Same goes with movies too. Not many Bollywood movies release in Pakistan, which again shocks me as the Khans who rule Bollywood are equally loved there like they are in India.

I know it's easy to sit down & write about this but what I am trying through this blog post is reiterate
the fact that there should be a way wherein Cricket, Movies, Cultural events( Noted Pakistani ghazal singer Ghulam Ali was banned to perform in India recently) can carry on between these two countries.

It is essential and I hope there is a possibility that some solution can be found such that the non-political elements can be separated from these events.

Those evil, sick terrorists behind these attacks  need to be found, interrogated and killed so that such terrorist activities don't impact more families in future but why drag playing cricket or watching movies into this?. They are a different kettle of fish altogether.  I know it's hard, tough & mostly impossible but as a huge cricket buff I want bi-lateral ties to resume between the two nations( in a neutral venue of course for security reasons).

I want to end this post with these lines:

Grief knows no religion, country. Grief is grief.
Hate for those who caused unimaginable pain to civilians is completely justified..
Anger at the way nothing much has been done to kill those people who caused pain to many is perfectly fine to have.
Keep these feelings aside & if possible  allow  cricket to be played between the two countries..

It's a hard pill to bite, but as I said why penalize innocent civilians who would like this to happen..

PS: I write this as a Human. I ask for humanity to rise above  the grief, anger, pain & frustration. I don't like what is happening off late to people in both parts of the border.

Events such as cricket matches between the two nations must happen proving that there is some hope rising above the turmoil.

As a cricket fan, I hope this can happen as the game of cricket needs this rivalry to be revived. This is a blog post written in the hope that cricket as a sport can triumph over terrorism, religion and bloodshed.

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