Saturday, 26 September 2015

GUBBARE- An Entrepreneurial event management start up..

Having known this person from a small age right from the stage where she used to be a cry baby as a toddler to her tom-boyish phase, it's been a very interesting equation I have shared & will continue to share with this person.

And now, it gives me great pleasure to introduce this person Swathi Krishnan , my cousin who with her two best friends have started a event management startup called  GUBBARE recently. In this blog post, we will get to know more about the three musketeers behind  GUBBARE & get to know more about their start up which is picking momentum and is sure to go to the next level in the coming days...

Before  we get to the detailed chat I had with Team Gubbare,  I got them to introduce themselves to you readers!! So here it is:

Akansha Shekhar is a travel and  photography  enthusiast, and loves to capture the smiles on everyone's faces. She is  GUBBARE's  professional photographer.

Meenakshi Shivram is a multi-tasker who has many feathers on her cap, including that of a writer, photographer & a Blogger. She is also interested in Finance & takes care of the financial matters of the start-up.

Swathi Krishnan is a Bollywood Buff who loves exploring things in a newer light. She has emceed for many events at college and has also emceed for some of the  GUBBARE  events.

Akansha, Meenakshi & Swathi go to the same university & have been best friends for more than four years. They are now co-founders of their start-up firm  GUBBARE.

So, getting to the interview/ chat I had with these three entrepreneurs:

1. So, for the readers out there could you give us a brief as to what made you start GUBBARE ? And, who or what are your inspirations behind this?

TEAM GUBBARE:   Gubbare stands for joy and celebration. It represents something that we've always stood for- every moment must be cherished!

We started Gubbare a couple of months ago. Our aim is to provide custom made party orders. In fact, we don't even offer 'packages' as we believe that parties don't come in pre-set boxes. The name 'Gubbare' symbolizes  rising and child-like joy , something which we aspire to share with people around us.

Our inspiration struck us while we were on a road trip, where we realized what we are truly passionate about.

What made you three to start this venture? As you three are still in college & pursuing your graduation....

TEAM GUBBARE:  Well, that's a tough one. I guess we thought of starting an event management firm because we wanted to use our spare time pursuing something we loved doing. It initially started as a friendly banter, but turned out to become a successful idea!!

Could you throw some light on the preparations phase of your start-up to us? The phase of staring before 'Gubbare' started and till you executed your first order..

TEAM GUBBARE:  Well, we think the biggest difficulty we faced was to get people to know about our start-up firm, As part of our marketing plan, we started the ' Gift A Balloon' campaign where we went around handling  balloons to starry eyed kids in the locality, and thus spreading the word about our firm. In fact, one of these kids turned out to be our first client!!!

In the process of sourcing our supplies & convincing clients, we truly mastered the art of negotiation, HE HE..

Now that you have successfully executed 4-5 orders, could you give us an insight about the various people you need to co-ordinate in order to get all the decorations right? And approximately, how much do you need to spend per order??

TEAM GUBBARE:  Um, our budgets vary according to the client's needs. We've done parties at their homes for as low as Rs 1500 to more elaborate  ones with magicians & party halls for Rs 10,000.

Co-ordination is a long task that begins with finding the right supplier and ends with the execution at the actual venue.

As brand 'Gubbare ' is gaining popularity & you seem to be getting good response from your clients, do you want to let the readers know how you would want to increase the visibility of the brand going forward?

TEAM GUBBARE:  HA HA, it's funny that you ask.. because we're trying to achieve the same. However, in the Event Management business- especially when it comes to birthdays & anniversaries , recommendations  & networking plays a crucial & critical role! So our main aim at the moment is to simply give 100% customer satisfaction and provide top quality service.

Could you describe the  events  you conducted so far  and also a glimpse of that event?

TEAM GUBBARE:  Our first event was simple enough, but we were given only two days notice!! As if that wasn't difficult enough, it was squat in the middle of our exams!

But despite those limitations or hurdles , we continued to give our best & pulled off a good show. And as they say after that party, the floodgates were thrown open!!

We organised a princess theme party, with specially made crown-shaped sandwiches. For the next party, we organized a magician & tattoo artist to keep the kids engaged. We then had a full fledged anniversary order, where we were privileged  to host a couple's 25th anniversary.

And finally, what are  the learnings   from your start-up so far,  so that it could help budding entrepreneurs  like you...

TEAM GUBBARE:  Well, we tested the waters, and now we are sailing through the rough seas. We learnt to cope up with our college work, and simultaneously  manage 'GUBBARE'  events. To us, time became money and we handled the extensive pressure that comes with it.

Well folks, this proves the point that do what your passionate about & automatically you will enjoy what you are doing and results will surely come your way..

I sincerly wish 'Gubbare' the very best for their future endeavors & I hope through this blog post, their start-up gets recognized & they become a bigger name in the event management scene in South Bangalore and in the whole of Bangalore soon!!


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