Sunday, 12 April 2015

NANBENDA- A Silly, brainless film....well that's expected.

Well whenever an Udhayanidhi Stalin film releases one thing is for sure. There will be no story, the plot will be so predictable that even a school kid can predict how the film will pan out in advance. And he uses Santhanam's  comedy  as a shield to hide his ridiculous acting flaws coupled with his  poor  dancing skills.

So keeping that in mind, I saw Nanbenda online rather than wasting money going to the theater for a film like this.  In his past few films of Udhayindhi's  the comedian Samantham has made watching his films a bearable experience.   But in this Santhanam's jokes fell flat, wasn't that funny barring few jokes.  Santhanam has an almost equal screen presence in this film proving my point that Udhayindhi can'not do away with Santhanam.

I had sub zero expectations before watching this film and that proved to be a good thing for me as I was not left that disappointed at the end of this brainless comedy film.  I saw this film to see Nayanthara's acting & to see how the songs of the film were picturised.  On both counts, I did'not feel disappointed as  Nayanthara looked pleasing and had some acting to do in this film which kept the wafer thin plot of the film intact.

Nayanthara is an actress capable of acting in more acting oriented roles and she should consider doing such roles more rather than acting in silly, brainless films like this. One more key aspect which intrested me to see this film was Harris Jeyaraj's  songs which have a feel good element attached to it. All songs sound similar to the ones he has composed earlier, but still it is pleasing to hear & one must not overly analyse the songs composed for such films.

There are two songs which are pretty good melodies in this film. One is Oorellam Unnai Kandu a soothing melody coupled with the mesmerizing  voices of  Unnikrishnan & Bombay Jayshri.  It sounds very similar to the song Venilave from the film Thupakki  but still this song is really appealing to the ears especially with nice exotic locations being used as a backdrop for this song make the song even better.

One more song Neerambal Poove has feel good feel to it throughout. Beautiful catchy & peppy tune and beats & very nice rendition from a new voice Arjun Menon adds to the likability quotient of this song.  Nicely picturised, this song would be liked by many people for sure.

To sum it up, this film is a brainless comedy film which sees Udhayindhi Stalin trying his hand at action & sentiments & failing almost throughout the film . Some one liners from Santhanam and Nayanthara's  screen presence & acting and the nice picturisation of the songs make this film a decent one time watch.

  Udhayanidhi Stalin as the film producer has produced some good content oriented films & I feel it is high time he stops acting & god save the audiences if there is a film of Udhayindhi without the comedy expertise of Santhanam to make the movie- watching experience a bearable one!

The comedy of Santhanam & Udhayindhi worked pretty well in the film Oru Kal Oru Kanadi which was its biggest plus.

Nanbenda wont bore you nor does this film have the rib tickling comedy seen in Oru Kal Oru Kanadi.  If you enjoy Santhanam's brand of acting & comedy & if you don't mind watching time pass entertainers  which have hardly any story, then you could watch Nanbenda. If not skip the film & watch the song videos of this film's songs which is a big plus for this film.

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