Saturday, 21 March 2015

CLOUD COMPUTING- The online platform which is the way forward for companies & Businesses...

Well for those who have read my earlier blog posts, a big thank you to you for your support! There have been a few who have have encouraged me to write about different & diverse topics and not only about Movies & Cricket.

 Well, writing about Movies & Cricket is more easier for me as I am very passionate about those two topics. But I have decided to take it as a challenge to write about a diverse topic more, but such topics require lot of in-depth analysis to be made so I hope to write one blog post of this type once in every two weeks at worst.

Coming to this particular post. I have been reading a lot about Cloud Computing online & it's massive growth & increase in it's usage by companies across the globe.

So I decided to present my take or analysis on this very fascinating & interesting topic. Hope this post would be informative as well as entertaining for you the readers!

What exactly is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a simplified pure plug & play model which simplifies data infrastructure online. It is an online platform where massive amount of data can be stored & managed in an ever increasing dynamical nature  of businesses & companies across the world. It has seen a tremendous usage across the globe over the past few years.

 The two main reasons companies use Cloud computing platforms such as that extensively is because is that through this model, companies get ease of use to manage & control their vast data & also it is very cost effective.

There are aspects to Cloud Computing such as the Realities & Risks of using Cloud Computing, characteristics & usage of cloud computing & the types of clouds that can be used in Cloud Computing.

It is a computing paradigm where a large pool of systems are connected in private or public networks to provide an easy to use online infrastructure which can be used for large data storage.

Cloud computing is a very practical and new age thinking approach for businesses & companies to experience direct cost benefits as this has the potential of  converting  the database management activity  for big companies from a cost inducing activity to a cost effective activity wherein it can become a variably  priced & sustainable model to implement.

Types of  Clouds used in Cloud Computing

Well there are basically three types of clouds used in Cloud computing ie Private Cloud, Public Cloud & Hybrid Cloud. Companies can choose to use applications on Public or Private clouds. Cloud integration  can play an integral part in determining the right cloud path for each organisation.

A Public cloud is a cloud which are owned & operated by third parties wherein the infrastructure costs are spread among users thereby giving each individual client an attractive option to save costs, thereby making it very consumer friendly. Businesses or people who want to share a large volume of data through this online platform can use this cloud.

On the other hand,  Private Cloud  is the cloud built exclusively for a single enterprise or company. They aim to address the issues of data security & definitely offer more control which is lacking in a Public Cloud. This is used by all the big companies who need to manage & store a huge amount of  data on a daily basis proper the proper & easier functioning of their companies.

So, why are more & more companies opting to use cloud computing nowadays??

 Well, its a safe and easy way to share & manage big data which is  a key factor in the  ever increasing need to improve & stay ahead of  the competitors for companies as streamlining & bring all the database into one single platform will be beneficial for any company in its day to day functioning.

And since the speed of delivery of services needs to be quick and stay  above competition in order for a business or company to succeed companies need to adapt to changing business conditions,  cloud computing stresses on getting applications to the market very quickly and this models billing method works  on a pay per usage method which automatically reduces maintenance costs,  & most importantly the data infrastructure does'not need to be purchased.

The above video will briefly give an overview as to what is Cloud computing & how it functions.

All said & done despite the growing popularity of cloud computing across the globe across various sectors, there are challenges regarding the use of this online platform such as Data Security & Protection, Data Recovery in case of losage  of data, immediate  availability of data when required, company  management's capabilities( both financial & people)  to operate cloud computing &  certain  Regulatory  & compliance restrictions which need to be adhered to.

Cloud Computing is definitely the way forward for companies & businesses going forward as it has so many benefits and the trend where various companies function on such an online platform will only continue to rise in the coming days.

Hope this post was an enjoyable reading experience & I definitely enjoyed reading about this topic extensively over the past week & hope this would be beneficial for you guys reading this!!


  1. Good article; Good to see you broadening your blog topics; Two major reasons enterprises are migrating to Cloud are (1) There is too much of wasted computing power ( servers ) and Storage in physical data centers as every project , every department buys server / storage and no re-use happens ; (2) It costs too much to manage and support this infrastructure.

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