Thursday, 5 February 2015

YENNAI ARINDHAAL- Ajith's fine acting coupled with Gautam Menon's direction makes for a fine watch!!

After the romantic drama starring Jiiva &  Samantha , 'Neethane En Ponvasantham'  which released in 2012,   ace   film  director Gautam Vasudev Menon is back with his next film Yennai Arindhaal  starring  'Thala'   Ajith  Kumar along with  Trisha Krishnan, Anushka  Shetty & Arun Vijay in the lead roles.

With Yennai Arindhaal Gautam Menon returns to the cop actioner genre. This film is a triology of sorts for Gautam Menon in this genre as he directed 'Kaakha Kaakha' and 'Vetiyaadu  Vilayaadu' 'which fall in the same genre too.

Well there were big expectations from this film as Ajith who is generally known to act in commercial  films with lot of mass appeal laced with punch dialogues has teamed up with the ace filmmaker Gautham Vasudev Menon who has created a niche for making romantic emotional films which give ample scope to  both the actors and actresses to showcase their acting skills. This is definitely  an interesting combination for film audiences.

Here I present my analysis of this film:

The Plot

The plot of the film focuses wholly on Sathyadev( Ajith Kumar)'s  life  right from when he is a small kid right up to him  becoming the fearless, upright & merciless IPS officer. It showcases his childhood and certain reasons which shape his decision in becoming a reputed police officer.  The ruthless nature and attitude of this police officer has been presented  very well.  How events in his personal life force him in a cat & mouse chase with the villain forms the main plot of this film.


The biggest strength of this film is that Gautham Vasudev Menon returns to a genre which he has exceled in the past and he delivers yet again with this film. The biggest positive of this film is Ajith Kuimar's  characterization.  It was wriiten and sketched perfectly keeping his image and his strengths in mind. It had the right mix of some really amazing action sequences  and the right dozage  of  maximizing the magnificent  screen presence of  Ajith to the fullest.

Gautham Menon has showcased Ajith in a  never seen before  avatars and looks  and Ajith seamlessly  fits in to each of them.   Watch out for the fit uber cool salt n peppered  look. Those portions are sure to bring the house down.  

Below is  a glimpse of  Ajith's  sheer screen presence coupled with Harris Jeyaraj's  pulsating BGM.  This is one of my favorite scenes from this film.

The personal tragedy which forms the plot for the climax of this film to the portions of the father- daughter bonding  are the  highlights of the film.  And the crisp and tightly edited  presentation of how the plot proceeds  ending up to the climax is definitely a big strength.

 The credit must be given to Gautam Menon for using the services of Thiyagarajan Kumarajan & Sridhar Raghavan as script consultants  as because of that the last portions of the film which are not Gautham Menon's  strongest forte  usually  was fast paced and keeps the audience hooked on to the edge of their seats right till the end.  All  the characters look fabulous  and special mention must given to Arun Vijay who has delivered a fine performance as the antagonist in this film. He gets  a pretty good screen time  and  has performed well. He looks menacing and has some great confrontation scenes with Ajith in this film.

The music & BGM by Harris Jayaraj work perfectly in tune with the story of the film. There were  doubts whether Harris Jayaraj & Gautham Menon can re- create the magic seen in their earlier collaborations.  And the answer is YES.  The songs go in sync  with the plot of the film and the BGM was also very good throughout the film. Watch out for the picturisation of  songs Unnakum Enna Vennum Solla,  Mazhai Varum Pozhgadhe  & the title track  which is sure to bring goosebumps to every one who watches the film and surely the huge fan base of Ajith.

Speaking of the music & Picturisation of the songs , it can't get better than the song " Unnakum Enna Vennum Sollu"  where the journey taken by  the father & daughter is beautifully depicted & the lyrics , singing & tune is sure to impress you.


The general theme of this film is somewhat similar to what audiences have seen in Kaakha Kaakha & Vetiyaadu Villayadu  which  might be a  bit of a disappointment for Ajith's  fans. Although this film is not very similar to those two films there are parts in Yennai Arindhaal  where we get a feeling that Gautham Menon has not thought out of the box and has stuck to his old tested formula. There is a sense of dejavu and predictability seen in the storyline of this film.

The characterisation of Anushka Shetty is a bit sketchy in this film. The romantic angle between Ajith & Trisha were not shown for too long.  Probably since Ajith is not known for his romantic roles that much Gautham Menon might have decided to cut down the romantic track that way playing it safe.

The songs Maya Bazaar and Yaen Enna don't add too much value to the story line, the screen time given to these songs  could have been reduced to make the film even more tighter. And also the time taken to establish Sathyadev's  character completely might be bit of a dampener for some people.

Final  Verdict

This film which had big expectations has definitely lived up to its hype. On a whole, we get to see Ajith in many never seen before getups & looks  and perform some death defying stunts which is shown very realistically and his performance is definitely worth lauding. He has put in an earnest effort and it is clearly visible throughout the film. Arun Vijay has performed brilliantly & Trisha looks ravishing in her small role she got to essay in this film  and comedian Vivek adds humor to the story which would bring smiles to many peoples faces for sure.

Gautham Vasudev Menon has  delivered a fast paced emotional actioner  with this film. This is surely going to be equally be liked by both the masses & the classes.

Rating :   3.75/ 5


  1. Good analysis. Very crisply written.
    Good movie. Ajith looks stylish and good.

    1. Yes it was a fabulous movie and Ajith has completly immersed himself as the Gautham Menon film hero.

      He potrayed the cop fantastically and as you said he looks stylish and suave especially in the clean shaven salt n pepper look.

  2. Raghav your writing is stylish, simple and great. Wonderful analysis. Shows good understanding of the skills of the director and the contribution of the actors to the film.

  3. Thankyou so much Ram!! This will definetly add as motivation to improve da quality & content of my future blog posts! Thanks again for da appreciation!!