Sunday, 7 October 2012

I must say that i have many topics i would like to write in my blog.

But for now i must express my shock in Australia Cricket captain George Baileys captaincy against West Indies in the recently concluded semifinals of the World T20.

When you have a talented bowler like Ben Hilfenhaus in the reserves why not play him?
Instead he decides to play Xavier Doherty when you have Bradd Hogg performing well in the team already.
That decision cost Australia the match as he conceeded 26 runs in the last over.
His figures read an apolling 3-0-49-1.

That was a very absurd decision Mr Bailey!

Even the decision to finish Pat Cummins quota of 4 overs very early was a fatal move.

And even though Shane Watson was a bit expensive in his 2 or 3 overs, he surely wouldnt have conceeded 26 runs in the last over if he bowled it?

And in a crucial game such as the semifinals of the world t20 I personally would'nt have played around with the batting order a bit to give more stability to the batting lineup.

Instead of having your three best players at the top of the order i would have asked Bailey to come at one down and Mike Hussey at two down.

That way if there was a top order failure like the one we witnessed in the semis atleast Mike Hussey would have been there in the middle order to stabilise the damage caused at the top.

And the move to play David Hussey also baffled me. Since the fact that they have tried Glenn Maxwell instead of him leading into the semifinals stage. And to be fair on Glenn Maxwell he didnt get enough oppurtunities to showcase what sort of form he is in going into the semis.

All these factors would have aptly expressed my shock.

And it correctly proves my point which I had made in my earlier blog post about George Bailey being an uncertain candidate for the post of the Australian captain.

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