Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Other Side of Monsoons- Pain, strife, helplessness and dengue...

Everyone has seen lot of monsoons in their life's. An they have something to like about this season. Some might enjoy playing in the rain whereas others would enjoy the hot snacks which accompanies this season.

Well you all would assume this season would provide tears of joy to people but from where I look at it so far this monsoon it's bringing only tears of pain, anguish  and utter despair and disappointment for people.

Why take such a stance you may think? Well from what I read and witness around me there are three things which occurred at least in this monsoon which is lot of cases of dengue, climatic changes which causes constant flooding of the roads and finally the demolition of helpless citizen' s houses just because their houses  were supposed to be built on storm water drains.

I will just present my personal angle on  those  points in this blog post  and hopefully justify the notion that monsoon brings anything but tears of joy or happiness  to people especially me.

Mosquitoes breed on water especially stagnated water. And with deplorable sanitary systems and very unhygienic environment around us there is a huge possibility for us to catch a cold or get fever which in turn could be the start for the dengue virus to seep into your body.

It's so harmless and goes so unnoticed that people including me don't take complete care in order to avoid getting dengue.  I need to walk in order to get to the bus stop to go to work. And with the state of public transport as it is I could end up catching the virus while travelling to and fro from work in the over-crowded and unhygienic public buses.

If that is the cause for me getting dengue the second time(yes that's right) then what can I do? I am in a better situation I could say now what with me car-pooling with a friend to go to office. So I don't have to travel in public transport that much.

But think of the thousands or lacs of people who have no option but to travel in public transports daily? If I can get the dengue twice despite travelling mostly in car imagine what if such a disease comes to people travelling in public transports?

For example  take the city of Mumbai  where unimaginable number of people use the local trains for their transport. When rains lash this city no one gets spared including the railway tracks which resemble lakes thereby making it practically impossible to travel or for people to  go about their normal lives unhampered there.

Coming to the sanitary system which in my view is the cause for this epidemic. As how much ever we try to cover ourselves from the deadly mosquitoes , they can seep in rather inconspicuously in out houses and bite us. There has to proper sanitary/drainage systems put in place so that these mosquitoes don't breed and cause havoc.

With water being the breeding ground for such mosquitoes to thrive in the condition of roads  will make them jump in joy for sure! As the drainage systems is so badly maintained or in most cases non-existent thanks to drains being shut and multi--storied apartment complexes built on them making it extremely easy for water-borne diseases to hit the citizens .

The people in general are partly to be blamed for this but one question I want to ask the officials is why approve construction of such apartments on the storm water drains when you know that it can add to the living woes of the people and can cause severe health repercussions.

A classic case of this complete lack of humanity, logic and negligence was seen last year in December in Chennai and other coastal parts of Tamil Nadu which received it's most rain in over a hundred years.

The major reason for this similar to many other cities is the fact that large plots of land which was supposed to be wastelands were converted to big IT parks, to build apartments and what not. The result? The roads of Chennai looked like this for days together:

There is no logical way to explain the situation where most of the city lakes are foaming or are over-flowing into the streets and roads than by pointing at the complete disregard shown by the people in power.

As rain water has it's natural flow and once there is apartments and buildings in that path then it's quiet natural for the rain water to enter into the major roads and thereby allowing drainage water and more importantly mosquitoes to breed which puts the life of the common man at big risk.

If they build more apartments and more job opportunities are found in cities, then  there is naturally bound to be people flocking into metros and bigger cities from small towns. The question is why didn't the authorities or political parties think 5-10 years back about this situation? As let's be frank this situation was bound to happen and it didn't occur over-night for sure.

I myself had to get admitted to a hospital this time and had a blood platlet count of as low as 25,000 at one point. As my other vital parameters were normal this virus didn't affect or kill me. But it can. That's for sure.

We can cover our selves properly, drink lot of water etc in order to not get dengue but if the living conditions are this deplorable everywhere you go then there's nothing much a citizen can do than to possibly just accept the fact that you will get dengue sooner rather than later.

Monsoon brings happiness, joy.. Well not really! It brings tears, pain as people can't live normally, they can't travel normally what with roads submerged partially or completely in rain water and to add to this people like me get diseases like dengue as a result of this.

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