Saturday, 10 October 2015

BITTERSWEET OCTOBER- A Month of Mixed emotions, feelings & memories....


Well it's almost come to the end of the year. It's October now. When I sit down to write on this topic, I can't find a better word than 'Bittersweet'  to describe this month. There is something about October generally. I was reminiscing about events that this month has played out before me over so many years.

October,  ever since my school days right up to my college days,  has been associated with the occurrence of  Mid-Term examinations.  After  the completion of which I would get a couple of weeks off for Dusshera & Navaratri vacations.

 During my college days, the semester holidays would come which would give me  nice relief after the grueling two week long semester examinations.October brings out the bitter memories of examinations & the sweet memories of vacations & the celebrations that follow it.

Usually, in Tamil  Households the Dusshera or Navaratri festival is associated with the house been decorated, cleaned & an elaborate 'Golu'   is set-up very nicely in each house. Visitors are greeted with gleaming dolls, colorful  Kolams(Rangoli), lighted lamps , and we see women & children dressed up in traditional attire singing Shlokas & Bhajans.

 As per tradition, all the family members participate in assembling the dolls which contains a mix  of gods, goddesses, stories of folklore, stories which have epic importance & some innovative themes which varies from one house to another.

As far as my memory goes , I would occasionally help my mother with the preparation of the 'Golu' , whenever we kept the 'Golu'  which apparently we have'not prepared that often compared to other house-holds. But the vivid memory I have when any person keeps Golu in their house , is that it was a social occasion more than a festival as we got to meet many people from our society or locality.

Coming to this year's October for me so far, well it's definitely been 'Bitter Sweet'.  A couple of years back , I embarked on my professional career & in two weeks time, I will be leaving the company which gave me my first break. A place where I have made many very close friends who despite the fact that in few days time I wont be working with & mingling on a daily basis will remain connected in the years to come.

I have learnt a lot in my first new job & it is here that I recognized the creative drive  within me which lead me to me getting my new job where I hope to go to higher in the corporate ladder & hopefully it will test me positively & help me fulfill my creative aspirations to a large extent.

Personally, in the last couple of days being a huge Movie & Cricket Buff, I am looking forward to the ODI Series between India & South-Africa which succeeds India's meek series defeat at the hands of the Proteas in the T20 series, a result which didn't surprise me that much to be frank as MS Dhoni has gone out of ideas, thoughts, strategies & his finishing skills which has been lauded by his die-hard fans & for that matter Indian Cricket fans over the last 7-8 years has finished literally!!

And having seen Vijay's fantasy film 'Puli' which went from bad to worse as I endured almost three hours of torture , to seeing a well directed & executed investigative thriller "Talvar" which was based on the killings of Aarushi Talvar & Hemraj in Noida which took place in 2008.

Looking ahead, I would want to see how well Aishwariya Rai has comeback through  'Jazbaa'  after a hiatus of 5 years where she became a mother. Having liked the work of the film's director Sanjay Gupta whose films "Musafir" & "Kaante" are a must see for sure. And also, in Tamil films, Vikram's next movie after his tremendous mistake 'I" , 10 Endrathukula directed by Vijay Milton releases on October 21st in the Dussehera weekend , whose trailer  gave me the impression that the film looks to be like a action- thriller.

Well, hope through this you readers could experience the Bitter & the Sweet experiences I have had in my life personally & professionally , & I hope for all of you, this October & Octobers in general would have been filled with more Sweet rather than Bitter memories & experiences!!

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  1. Excellent article. Leaving the first job is very difficult. You go thru different emotions.. After all it is the first job whip gave you the break but you need to move on to other jobs as part of career progression.

    Most Indian religious functions are social in nature and Navaratri is one of the best social functions

    Great reading your blogs. Keep it coming


    1. Thanks. Yes it is difficult as it is my first job, my first foray into the corporate world which has been a very nice experience where I have made some really good friends who I will stay connected with through my life post leaving this job too.

      And yes for career progression & to explore my creative side & contribute more professionally, this switch in job was important for me.

      Yes Navaratri is a very social festival were many friends & family members come together to watch the golu preparations been made .

      In my personal opinion among the Indian festivals, the festival of lights- DIWALI is the best social function!! Yes I will keep the blogs coming for sure!!


  2. Really Wonderful.

    Your piece was exceptional I really loved your writing.

    Let's get in touch

    1. Very nice to know you liked my write-up!!

      It gives me immense satisfaction that other readers liked reading my blog post as much as I enjoyed writing it!!

      If you want to get in touch, we can do so through my Facebook page!!

  3. Nice writeup, love it. Mayb you can check out my blog

    1. Thank you so much Emmanuel!! Glad you liked it!! Request you to read my other blog posts too!!

      And sure, I will definitely check out your blog too!!

  4. Very nice and interesting writing Raghav. Keep it up

    1. Thank you so much!! Glad you found the write-up very nice & interesting!

      I will definitely keep writing more in the coming days !! Hope I continue to engage you, the reader through my writing!!

  5. Very well written rag..i can totally relate to the experience of quitting your first job. Brought back my memories of leaving hp. I love October month for its festive mood :)

    1. Thanks a ton Nisha!! Glad you liked it so much. Even more happy that you were able to connect this blog post with events that occurred in your life like when you left your first job @ HP!

      Yes usually, October is known for festivities & vacations! A relaxed, chilled month compared to the other months I feel.